Black Girl Music: Bre-Z

If there's anything good coming out of Empire Season 2...it's Bre-Z.  I love, love, love Bre-z.

Born Calesha Murray, this Philly rapper has some essential traits: she's dark-skinned, she's short (got that pygmy-style), she's got a deep speaking voice, she's a tomboy, she's an ex-barber, she's hood and unapologetic, she drinks hard liquor, she put a thick sista in her video, and when her album finally drops, I...call...dibs.


  1. Been a minute since I been through. Love the color scheme! And yes, Bre-Z is one of the better things to come out of that messy ass show, which I stopped watching and can no longer comment on. I thought her character was talented and hilarious. I'll have to give it a listen.


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