Athletic Sisters: Danusia Francis

Looks like Jamaica's getting a second representative!

Funny story about Danusia: She was born in Britain, currently lives in Los Angeles and attends UCLA (whom she also competes for).  She was a reserve gymnast on behalf of Britain in 2012, but because she represented Jamaica at the 2015 World Championships, she qualified to test for their Olympic team.  Needles to say, she passed.

I'm really excited that Danusia is at the Olympics because she's known for her flexibility, which I can only describe as, well...insane.

This truly is the Blackest year ever. Someone said this year's Olympic gymnastic event is going to be a bloodbath, and well...yes and no. I'm so glad all these Black and Brown girls are making/going to make history this year, so it's win-win either way. However...they all have eyes on the gold, and they all can't have it.

Let the games begin.


  1. Simone Manuel won silver in the 4x100 freestyle. She still has the 50m and 100m freestyle race coming up.

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    1. Its the night of the Simones! Simone Manuel tie for a gold medal in the 100m freestyle and broke an Olympic record. Simone Biles won Gold (was there a doubt) in teh all around.

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    3. Add another silver and gold to Simone Manuel medal haul for a total of 4! Ibtihaj Muhammad won bronze in fencing/sabre.

  3. Michelle Carter first women's gold in shot put!

  4. This is awesome. Thanks for your posts, it keeps me updated on their progress, especially as I'm not in America so the focus is on French athletes. We got one black woman Emilie Andéol who won gold in judo, but I don't think we have black gymnasts sadly, oh yes maybe one, she looks mixed (Marine Boyer). She doesn't seem popular though (I had to check on the net), I'm rooting for Simone anyway lol

    1. You are welcome. I'm mostly committing on the sports that are predominately white regardless of country of origin. Its normally a given in track and field (the racing part). I was just getting ready to comment that Emilie (love that name) won the gold in judo (over 78kg) with Idalys Ortiz (Cuba) winning the silver.

      Oh did you know that Audrey Tcheuméo from France won the silver in judo (78kg).

      Here are all the black/brown girl wins. So far! It will probably go up after the volleyball (indoor) and water polo matches plus a few other sports. They deserve their shine too. Anything to make a little black/brown girl think "hey I can do that". This is all countries mixed in together. I still may have missed some.

      Nia Ali-silver
      Tori Bowie-silver,bronze
      Briana Rollins-gold
      Kristi Castlin-bronze
      Elaine Thompson-goldx2
      Tianna Bartoletta-gold
      Brittney Reese-silver
      Simone Biles-goldx4, bronze
      Gabby Douglas-gold
      Lauren Hernandez-gold, silver
      Allyson Felix-silver
      Shaunae Miller-gold
      Simone Manuel-goldx2, silverx2
      Rafaela Silva-gold
      Ruth jebet-gold
      Nafissatou Thaim-gold
      Jemima Jelagat Sumgong-gold
      Caterine Ibarguen-gold
      Venus Williams-silver
      Genzebe Dibaba-silver
      F. Kipyegon-gold
      Almaz Ayana-gold
      Eunice Jepkirui Kirwa-silver
      Vivian Cheruiyot-silver
      Yulimar Rojas-silver
      Hyvin Jepkemoi-silver
      Denia Caballero-bronze
      Mare Dibaba-bronze
      Tirunesh Dibaba-bronze
      Shericka Jackson-bronze
      Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce-bronze
      Ingrid Lorena Valencia-bronze
      Ibtihaj Muhammad-bronze
      Clarisse Agbegnenou-silver
      Anicka van Emden-bronze
      Charity Williams-bronze
      Ellia Green-gold
      Amy Turner-gold
      Sharike Baker-silver
      Niall Williams-silver
      Ruby Tui-silver
      T. Fitzpatrick-silver

    2. Add:
      Dalilah Muhammad-gold
      Ashley Spencer-bronze
      Yuri Alvear-silver

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    4. Rachael Adams-bronze
      Alisha Glass-bronze
      Foluke Akinradweo-gold
      Nicola Adams-gold
      Ariana Washington-gold
      Ashleigh Johnson-gold
      English Gardner-gold
      Morolake Akinosun-gold
      Brittney Griner-gold
      Maya Moore-gold
      Tamika Catchings-gold
      Angela McCoughtry-gold
      Seimone (another one!) Augustus-gold
      Sylvia Fowles-gold
      Tina Charles-gold
      Nichelle Prince-bronze
      Deanne Rose-bronze
      Desiree Scoot-bronze
      Kadeisha Buchanan-bronze
      Ashley Lawrence-bronze

    5. Taylor Ellis Watson-gold
      Courtney Okolo-gold
      Nastasha Hastings-gold
      Phyllis Francis-gold
      Francena McCorory-gold
      Christine Day-silver
      Anneisha Mclaughlin-Wilby-silver
      Novlene Williams-Mills-silver
      Stephenie Ann McPherson-silver
      Chrisann Jordan-silver
      Margaret Odeoye-bronze
      Christine Ohurugou-bronze
      Anyika Onoura-bronze

    6. Astou Ndour-silver
      Caster Semenya-gold
      Francine Niyonsaba-silver
      Margaret Wambui-bronze

  5. The women's 4 x 400 relay team won for the SIXTH CONSECUTIVE time at the Olympics starting in 1996! (All GOLD)

    The women's basketball team won for the SIXTH CONSECUTIVE time at the Olympics also starting in 1996!(All Gold)

    The women's soccer team (before being booted this year) has won four out of six Olympics! (All Gold)

    The women's water polo team has won a medal in the last five Olympics (2 Gold).

    Yet we hardly hear about them. They are all overshadowed by the men's teams.

    1. I also forgot to mention the women's 4 x 100 swim team (Lia Neal was on the 2012 team that won bronze) has ALSO won medals in SIXTH CONSECUTIVE Olympics (three gold).

  6. Replies
    1. If WE do not acknowledge OUR greatness who will?

  7. Last but not least Claressa Shields-gold.

  8. Wow, thank you Lor for this list ! I'm so late on this but thanks :)


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