BGNO - Ginny Baker Deserved Better (Ratings)

Pitch premiered on Thursday night, and y'all, it was excellent. The storytelling, the diversity, the music, the acting, the production, the characters.  They all pulled me in right from the beginning and never let me go.  And that's no small feat.  As much as I love to watch television (probably too much, to be honest), I don't particularly like to watch pilots.  It's the equivalent of watching a superhero's origin story, and although I know they're necessary, I still have little patience for it.  But Pitch was one of the rare exceptions that I can see myself watching again and again.

Unfortunately, being awesome didn't save the show from getting bad ratings (1.1 18-49, 4.3 million viewers).  And I'll be honest--I don't understand it.  I'm sure there's some expert explanation for it that I can't put my layperson finger on, but it's mind-boggling to me. 

When I saw the ratings on Friday morning, I was sitting at work like

Like me, my friends were also scratching their heads wondering what the hell had happened. We all watched it.  We all saw how good it was and how well it was being received.  We all saw it trending #2 on Twitter for nearly it's entire runtime. We all read the glowing reviews and saw Fox promoting the show like it was the only new show they were premiering this fall.  And it still didn't do well.  None of that seemed to matter.

Sigh.  Why can't we have nice things?  I'm having serious Minority Report flashbacks right now.  That was a dark time, and I'm still not happy about it.  But I digress.

All may not be lost, however.  Although the numbers weren't good, Joe Adalian from Vulture, doesn't see it as a total loss.  He seems impressed that Pitch did as well as it did given that it's lead-in, Rosewood, did so badly that he described it as "DOA" (0.7 18-49, 3.6 million viewers). Ouch, but accurate.  He also notes that it came within 0.3 of all the other Thursday dramas.  That's something to hang our hats on, right?  Right?

Okay, @tvmojoe, you calmed me down a little.  But just a little. Since Fox supposedly doesn't count same day ratings in their assessment of television worthiness, I'll hold out hope.  I'll still be hoping and praying for the same day ratings to improve because I really don't believe that a major network doesn't care about same day ratings, but I'll try to freak out less over the ratings each week.

I will say this though: after the still-smoldering dumpster fire that Sleepy Hollow turned into, I'm mad that I even have to depend on Fox for this show. I want to quit that network so badly, but I also want to support black women by watching the few shows we get to be leads in.  But that's another sad subject for another day. 

For now, I'll support the lovely Kylie Bunbury and hope that Pitch begins to do as well as it deserves to.

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  1. I will say this though: after the still-smoldering dumpster fire that Sleepy Hollow turned into, I'm mad that I even have to depend on Fox for this show.

    Ooooh girl, preach. The FOX logo has become a bad omen in my eyes.

    1. I wish it was on Netflix tbh. Or HBO.

    2. I don't see a future for this one, hon. I just don't trust FOX.

    3. Ankh, that's precisely why I haven't watched either, even though I doubt I'd contribute to ratings either way. I just do not trust Fox. At all. I held off on watching Sleepy Hollow at all because I knew they'd pull a bait-and-switch wreckfest - and BOY did they deliver.

      Pitch deserves better, all right. Better than Fox.

  2. Ahh, I have some thoughts on reasons for the low ratings. First off, in 35 years of being on Planet Earth, I have yet to see men as a collective embrace the idea of a woman involved in a stereotypically male sport, especially when:
    (1) it's a sport played by all male teams - "Know your place woman - this isn't it!"
    (2) it's a sport where young men get lots of money and prestige - "By trying to compete in this sport, young woman you are depriving a talented young man out there of his place to compete!"
    The fact that this show was based on a fictional story will have driven some die-hard, conservative baseball players NUTS.

    And the female trying to break into the sport was a black / biracial woman (i.e. not white)...bring on the people (men and women) who ain't fans of watching black women or black people in general achieve anything / heck just having a stable non-shitty life.

    Now back to the baseball thing. I've never lived in the USA. But I know that some folks (men and women) have a relationship with certain sports (e.g. American football, baseball, and basket-ball) that I can barely begin to comprehend in terms of their devotion, fervour, etc. These people do not like their sports being messed with in their opinion, and they will let you know. Again, of the men and women I've observed (they come across to the UK and try to get us into these sports), only 1 of them comes to mind as a person who would have been positive about this show - and he's a man with a daughter. Everyone else, I can see them being negative, and not even neutral.

    But, there is no progress without persistence, and pushing past boundaries (especially the nonsensical ones). Every time we see an example of a black woman pushing forward / succeeding in sports, business, medicine, law, education, engineering, architecture, etc, it is one more piece of evidence to those ignorant (and sometimes racist) people who see black women as [you know where I'm going with this].

    1. There are a few women signed with minor league teams, but I don't see any moving into major league teams for decades to come.



    2. " Ahh ,I have thoughts on reasons for the low ratings.First off, in 35 years of being on being on planet earth,I have yet to see men as a collective embrace the idea of a woman involved stereotypically male sport,"

      I agree. Even in real life, you really don't see that strong support in women sports like you do with men sports. Most times you find a lot of empty seats at their games.

    3. "Most times you find a lot of empty seats at their games."

      Just look at the WNBA games. I think that is why a lot of women go overseas to play sports. I do not know the numbers of overseas teams, but I think they fair better then the USA. I remember a commentator during the Olympics mentioned that many women basketball players opt to play overseas because they are paid better and the fan base is larger.

  3. Women in general are not into sports. I know someone is gonna say that isn’t true, but I stand by the statement. Overall, women are not huge sports fans and definitely not baseball, a sport that lasts six months and has games nearly every day of the week that last a minimum of three hours. Baseball is a boring sport and has almost no appeal to women who are into sports.

    I run a blog myself and had the opportunity to watch the pilot over three months ago and put it off because sports just isn’t my thing. I finally watched it about two weeks ago and liked it, but knew it would have trouble finding an audience. Fox also did not do any promo geared towards women and specifically, black women. When Sleepy Hollow aired back in 2013 every black female based website I know of was running banners and advertorials. Pitch had none of that.

    So basically, bad promo and a sports themed show starring a woman is what tanked it in the ratings.

    1. I think a more accurate statement would be that some women in general are not into sports. Women are into certain sports. Some are football fans while others are baseball fans. Or many of the other sports just like men. Maybe I hang with a weird crowd, but the majority of the women I know are into some type of sport. Though I admit none of them are into baseball like they are football, college football, basketball, or college basketball.

      I do agree Baseball is a boring sport. And even women who are into sports if they are not into baseball then its boring.

      Baseball, unlike the NFL, does a poor job catering to female fans. Even when they try it comes off as sexist. http://www.sbnation.com/mlb/2014/6/17/5816758/baseball-promotions-fields-of-fashion-marketing-to-women

  4. ^^^^^You know, I never thought of that. Fox promoted the hell out of this show all summer, but they didn't bother to promote to black women at all. And we definitely bring the ratings. The thing is though...after what happened with Sleepy Hollow, I don't think they wanted black women to make the show. I think they wanted it to succeed without our viewership. But they really shot themselves in the foot, because once we rally behind a show, we don't play.

    But once you cross us, we don't play either. Which they learned with Sleepy Hollow. Which is why I think they steered clear of us with Pitch.

    1. I don't see how they could promote it to black women. If a black woman isn't into baseball in the first place (like me); then she probably isn't going to watch. Maybe the first couple of shows, but I don't see how they can keep it going.

  5. I think a lot of people are into sports, but they do not want to watch a weekly tv series about sports.

    Plus it comes on Thursday night. For those of you who don't know its also going up against Thursday football which comes on 30 minutes earlier. Football had a 6.1 rating/17 million viewers.

    I do not see people who are not baseball fans being into it. I also do not see women who are not baseball fans being into it.

    The fact that its a sport women will probably never break into doesn't help. As stated in this article.


    I think it would do better on another night.

  6. What if a woman did break into Major League Baseball(as Kylie Bunbury's character Ginny Baker did in the TV Show "Pitch")


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