*Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers so hurry up and watch the episode! 
Its the HBO series  we have been waiting for from our girl Issa Rae! Insecure had an early premiere for HBO NOW subscribers, but if you're living overseas like me and don't have HBO nothing, you found other ways to watch.

Let me say this about the first episode titled "Insecure as F**k"...it did what it was supposed to do: NOT DISAPPOINT. Now, to the Issa Rae newbies, she is the creator and star of the show. She had a web series called "Awkward Black Girl" and other that took the web series world by storm and really shed light on some black girl realness. Watching "Awkward Black Girl" was like watching my life being played out on my computer screen. Anyway, it was a hit and has lead to great things of Issa including Insecure becoming a series on HBO

Insecure's first episode opened with Kendrick Lamar's "Alright" and I knew it would be good. We open on Issa standing in front of an  all black middle school class. She's working for a non-profit organization that helps inner-city youth...kind of like a Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Big Brother Big Sister mixture of a program. Within the first three minutes we are hit with a lot and I kind of cringed at all that was being thrown at us. One girl asks Issa "Why you talk like a white girl?" and then we are hit with black women and natural hair, black women and being single, black women and being unmarried, black women being college educated, but underemployed, our allegiance to black men when their allegiance has ebbed and flowed and sometimes waned, etc.  I was like whoa slow ya roll Issa, but then I remembered that there will be people watching this who did not see "Awkward Black Girl" and they need to know what they are in for with this series. Its a "Hey, if you can't handle the fire, get out the kitchen now" kind of feel.

Anyway, we are introduced to Issa's best friend Molly (Yvonne Orji) who is....interesting...and can't get a man to commit to her because she has a "broken pussy", which is a stellar stand out moment when Issa goes back to her rapping roots and brings us another classic, reminiscent of her  "Booty Shawts" days. Hey, watch the the episode and you'll understand.

Then we are introduced to Issa's boyfriend of five years (Jay Ellis) who is unapologetically unromantic, unemployed, sexually unsatisfying, boring, "getting my shit together", and not ready to commit. Issa is so tired of his ass, but she can't seem to make a clean break from him, even after texting an an ex and trying to hook up with him, but realizing...she made an assumption that a lot of girls do. Just watch!

All in all, this was a good opening for Issa Rae. TV Guide critics have said that this is a black version of GIRLS and I would like to say, what the fuck! Insecure is not a black version of GIRLS, its a well-written series about the insecurities that black women, at the so-called prime of their lives, are going through. These insecurities are not solely based on the way we view ourselves, but by the way the "majority" and "non-black women" in our society have attempted to define us. Insecure is about how we are navigating through the why you talk like a white girl questions, the why you wear your hair like that questions, the why are you still single questions, the why are you not married yet questions, the you went to school, but why you working there questions, and the why you still with him questions.

So, if you have not already, check out INSECURE on HBO regularly every Sunday at 10:30pm. Let us know what you think!


  1. Did anyone else find Yvonne Orji ridiculously beautiful? I am so excited to learn about her!

    This was a great pilot; I thought it was really clever and had some great nods to ABG. I can't wait for the rest of the episodes.

    1. Same here! I was googling Yvonne yesterday wanting to find her other credits. This series is going to be a mess of goodness!

  2. I don't have cable anymore so I haven't seen this show. If it's not on Hulu or Netflix, then I haven't seen it. I'm actually waiting for your thoughts on Luke Cage.

  3. So I've watched the 2 first eps. I really liked them! And how pleased I was to see J's best friend (the South Asian actress in Awkward Black Girl) in the HBO series ! It's a pity that she has a small role now.
    And also I saw in the credits that Cecile Emeke is the director of this series which is awesome, she has filmed and uploaded an insightful series about the African diaspora in the West on youtube ("Strolling") :) I don't know any of her previous work, on TV or elsewhere but I'll do my search.

    Oh and there's even a guest appearance that I know, the guy from Issa rae's webseries' "First". And that Bosco song... so glad. OK, I stop.

    P.S.: Oh, and I just googled Yvonne and she's Nigerian ! 2 African women as protagonists, that's great :) OK, I stop now.

  4. Oh I just found out Cecile only directed one episode (the 2nd). And I also found out about a scandal regarding her treatment in HBO...wow anyway, I won't stir up sh*t here, end of discussion :/


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