BGNO: Insecure...the Rundown (#BGNO #INSECUREHBO)

If you haven't started watching "Insecure", what are you waiting for. You're missing out. Those of you with it on your DVR...noooo just watch it so we can discuss. So, I purposely have not written about the last two episodes because they honestly needed to just be one episode. SPOILERS COMING...SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. There are so many things going on that it would not be fair to go through everything so I will just give you a few highlights. In episode 2 Issa is still avoiding her boyfriend Lawrence. My best friend and I were discussing how this couple is not right for each other because of the different stations they are at in life. Issa is working and still trying to figure how to make her job more of what she wants. Lawrence is out of work and trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life.
So they had a fight and Issa has been staying with her friend Molly (we gonna get to her in a minute). So Issa, still avoiding Lawrence and the apartment they share entirely, goes to RITE AID to buy new underwear. Unbeknownst to her Lawrence is there attempting to make up for forgetting her birthday by buying her a card and other cheap stuff. Well, you guessed it...they run into each other...well Lawrence sees Issa and calls her out for not coming home. They argue , Issa decides that she cannot or will not talk to Lawrence and walks away...but suddenly comes back and asks...wait for it...if she can borrow Lawrence's Rite Aid card to get a discount...

Another highlight from episode two is MOLLY! Oh MOLLY YOU IN DANGER GIRL! So Issa's bff Molly is on the hunt for her IBM. She is on every dating website to find this perfect guy. What I found so hilarious were the guys she went on a date with. They were every kind of black man imaginable: the Hotep Black Man, the Hood Black Man, the Good on Paper Black Man...all of which only wanted get in her panties.

Which takes me to Episode 3...which had a lot of great moments (Dada, Issa and Lawrence making a truce, the Secret white meetings and texts in the office), but a stand out moment for me was Molly and Jared (Mr. Enterprise). Like a lot of us...we sometimes bypass a good guy because of his station or status- its not on par with our ideal man. Jared did not go to college which changes the dynamics of Molly's feelings for him. Despite him being up front about his feelings for her and being super fine and hard working at Enterprise (the rental car place, which I always used by the way). Molly, like a lot of us are looking for man we have planned in our minds, but maybe that's not the kind of guy we need.  I see a lot of my former self in Molly. I had a list...a long list...and I still kept running into shitheads.

Again, there is so much magic happening in this series. You have to go watch! You're really missing out on some outstanding writing and just awesomeness. This show gives black girls the opportunity to be vulnerable and not always "strong". Thank you Issa!


  1. I`ve watched all the episodes so far, including ep 6.
    Issa needs to make it clear with Daniel.. she feels so awkward now after that mistake.
    It is interesting, while Issa can`t seem to draw the line and end things cleanly, Molly tend to stop things as soon as she feels unconfortable. I think they should swap personalities lol No, no, just kidding, somehow Molly`s sex friend might be the one for her... even after ep 6... he`s so understanding and laid-back, he might be what Molly needs as she looks more uptight.

    Also, I liked that the 2nd ep started with a KING`s song ^^ (the song is "In the Meantime"), the OST is pretty good as a whole. Nice to see Jidenna too (later on).

    Thank you for your reviews Silver Tiger !

    1. Oh and I agree with you on the ideal man many women have in mind, as well as the list that comes with it. I don`t blame Molly for having moved on after ep 3, she has her reasons and gender roles being what they are on an unconscious level, I can see why she didn`t want to take that "risk" (she wants to marry eventually). but she could have tried to get to know him better before dumping him at that time.


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