Black Girls' Night Out: Bonnie Bennett

I know, I know...why bother?

Season 8 marks the final season of The Vampire Diaries so I figured I'd take a stab and see where it goes.  The story thus far has been mostly a snorefest.  When Kat Graham announced she was planning to leave the show after Season 8, showrunner Julie Plec replied that they didn't even know what they were going to do for Season 8.  Well, we're now three episodes into Season 8 and it feels like the writers still don't know what they're planning to do. 

Apparently, the vampires Damon Salvatore and Lorenzo a.k.a. "Enzo" are being controlled by the most annoying, boring villain since the Original Vampires.  Her name's Sybil, she's a siren, and I was over her two episodes ago.  Damon being the siren's slave draws his brother Stefan back into the is-Damon-even-worth-saving dance which got tired YEARS ago.

So here's where Bonnie stands within this shitshow: she still hasn't recovered her magic.  When factor in the three-year jump from last year, it means she's going on four years now with no magic.

Bonnie's feeling deeply alone; she's still living in that shit cabin from last season, doesn't appear to have a job, nor any family left to give a shit about her, and her "friends" have their own lives.  Caroline and Stefan are now engaged nd blissfully living together (in the fabulous Salvatore house), and Rick is off being a dad and the research guy.  Meanwhile, that which the Plec giveth, she's happy to taketh away: as a slave and hostage of the siren, Enzo has to put his relationship with Bonnie on hold.  *shrug* We saw that coming, of course, because there was no way in hell TVD was ever going to give Bonnie a full season of romantic, drama-free bliss.  Not even if it's her last season.

When you think of all the cast members who've come and gone, Season 8 is pretty cringe-worthy.  It's like everyone who could jump ship did so, only coming back to die.  As of Episode 2, Sara Salvatore (Tristin Mays) is dead...but we knew that was coming the moment she was introduced.  Damon appears to have killed Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) in Episode 3, and I'm surprised Michael even bothered returning for that bullshit.  Like...really, dude?

Back to Bonnie.  Actress Kat Graham has hinted Bonnie may be getting some new powers this season, and I hope to the gods she gets them soon, because I'm having trouble enough staying awake with things as they are.  Except...this week she did have a bit of an "Elena moment" that I want to explore.

But before I expand on that moment, I do need to give props to actor Michael Malarkey (Enzo) because I do feel that once he found out he was going to be Bonnie's love interest, he really stepped up his game on the show.  There's this new mature seriousness to his performance that I happen to find engaging.  And it's nice for once to see someone so dedicated Bonnie.

Bonnie's been a part of of TVD since the beginning while Enzo showed up in Season 5.  Despite the gap between their first appearances, both characters are outsiders on the show.  Bonnie is the show's whipping girl constantly given shit storylines, and Enzo is the guy they added but aren't entirely sure what to do with.  Hence, shit storylines.

Some of you might recall I wasn't particularly thrilled at the thought of a Bonnie/Enzo pairing, but I must say...it's growing on me.  In a way, it even makes sense.  Because as the show's two biggest outsiders, they're both thoroughly fed up with everyone else's bullshit.  It explains why they're so ride or die.  It also explains their Absolute Zero chill with everybody else.  It's like now that they have each other, fuck everybody else.

And it's about...damn...time.

Which brings us to Bonnie's "Elena moment."  The siren discovers that Enzo can't fully submit to her because he's hanging onto his love for Bonnie.  And despite Damon's submission (in record time, mind you), the siren realizes he too cares for Bonnie, so much that when Sybil sends him to kill her, his heart's supposedly not really in it.  The next thing we know, Sybil is holding Caroline and Bonnie hostage, demanding to know what's so important about her and how she inspires such loyalty (sound familiar?).  She can understand why Enzo's committed, but not Damon.  As all Bamon fans will attest, the siren is skeptical to believe that Damon didn't have thing going with a woman so "gorgeous" when they were trapped alone together in the mystical prison for months.

Since Sybil has no patience for men not totally loyal to her, she decides that Damon and Enzo should fight to death.  She gives Bonnie the chance to save only one of them, by choosing which one she wants to live.  When Damon is just about to rip out Enzo's heart, Bonnie chooses him (duh), which grants a brief reprieve.  Trouble is, Sybil finds Damon more useful alive than Enzo and decides Bonnie chose wrong.  Sybil reasons that although Enzo can be replaced, so long as Bonnie lives, she's a threat.  Backed into a corner, Enzo flips off his humanity switch, thinking this final act of submission will save Bonnie but it doesn't.  Bonnie is given is slight head start before Damon is sent once more to kill her.

Our heroes narrowly escape with their lives in the end, but I'm left wondering if there's some hope for Bonnie Bennett in this final season.  Like maybe just this once, the writers might get more than a few things right.


  1. I really didn't realize this show was still on! And from the review I know I haven't missed much anyway.

  2. I am so glad this show is coming to an end. So tired of the white bullshit. Long live Queen Bonnie.


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