Black Girls' Night Out: Keating & Pratt

Okay, so it's been three episodes and I feel like I finally have something to recap.  To be honest, I feel like Season of HTGAWM has been one long episode diced into shorter episodes and chocked full of filler.  And this, people, is precisely what's wrong with the current trend of serialization: writers are so heavily invested in the overarching story that they forget how to write the day to day. So they throw a bunch of things at the audience that no one really cares about.

No one cares about Bonnie/Frank.  I mean, where the hell did that even come from?  No one cares about Laurel/Frank.  No one cares about Laurel/Wes which...ewwww and also, huh????  When did they supposedly fall so hard for each other that Wes felt compelled to dump a perfectly good sista?  I mean, this was a blemish-free sista - why is this a favorite trope on television and why the hell is it happening in Shondaland?

And now we're supposed to believe that Wes and Laurel supposedly can't keep their hands off each other?  Yeah, I get that they bonded a while back and had a few investigative adventures of their own, but the writers missed their moment back in Season 2, so now they fit better as friends.  Their "passionate" sex scenes are a snorefest.  There's no sizzle.  What momentum they built up before has since fizzled out.

And why is Laurel always attached to some man?  When Frank disappeared and Wes was preoccupied with his girlfriend, Laurel had room to grow as a single woman and gain some new dimensions.  Instead, the writers turned right around and not only stitched her to another man but also made her pregnant?

See...revamping the dynamic of the cast to shake things up is NOT working.  The revised pairs have no chemistry.  They make no sense.  No cares about Nate screwing the new DA whose name no one can remember.  The writers only remember them once every other week for a few seconds anyway.  And I've started to realize how uninteresting Connor is on his own.  When you subtract Oliver from Connor, he instantly becomes far less interesting.  In fact, the only thing interesting left about him is his friendship with Michaela.  But Michaela is dating Asher so she has less time for Connor, and besides, I like her friendship with Oliver better. Like, let the boy go off to Standford already!  Connor's time is done!

And I ship Annalise/Soraya; Lauren Velez's presence on HTGAWM is steadily growing on me.  She's not afraid of Annalise, nor compelled to cater to her - that's refreshing.  They two women are slowly bonding in AA, and it would be nice if they had more time together onscreen.  Which they would have if we weren't bogged down with all this other filler bullshit.

And Asher...I like actor Matt McGory.  And I like how much Asher is into Michaela.  But again...that's what making him interesting.  Subtract Michaela and there's no reason to keep around; his sense of humor is tired and all his personal storylines appear to have been resolved so.....

Michaela shows some promise.  She's young, dark-skinned, fabulous, and fierce, so she get mad points for representing.  We've learned a little more about her this season; her Southern twang comes out when she's mad, and the writers have been dropping dark hints about her adoptive family (she calls them "trash" and refuses to go into detail).  There's still room to work with her, especially since Michaela appears to be the most independent, "together" member of the Keating 5. She's not sleeping on someone's else couch, she's not scrounging for money, and she's keeping up with her studies.  But I also get the feeling that if one more body drops near Michaela, she will fully snap.

Speaking of which, at this point I think we're all just trying to figure out who died this season.  My money is on Nate, Frank, or Wes.  I think Connor's been confirmed alive if I recall correctly.  We're also shown Wes supposedly teaming up with the police to take down Annalise, while Laurel lies in the hospital pregnant with (I'm assuming) his child.

Um...okay.  The burning house situation just got less interesting.  *sigh*


  1. Honestly I hvae to force myself to watch this show. I DVR it and fast forward through most just to get to the end. As in just to see what its about next week and move on. I have always wondered what happens when these guys graduate? End of show? I think it would be nice if they rotated the students out to keep it interesting. I know that is not too logical because viewers won't form a bond.

    I'm sorry they are all boring!!!! BORRINNNGGGGGG!!!!! I love Oliver, but we only see him like ten minutes if that much the whole show. I hate Wes. I have hated him since the first season. I'm actually glad he broke it off with Meggy. Not because I wanted to see him with Laurel, but because 1) it didn't make sense. Where did she come from and how did they meet. It was like bam she was there. 2) I'm sick of sistas being stuck with train wrecks. Its old and tired.

    On a side note Meggy (Corbin Reid) is a singer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rP1Iwjv0CmI

    As for Laurel I'm banking on that being Frank's baby. It could be Wes, but since they do the whole back and forth deal; her and Wes slept together three weeks before the fire. We know she is pregnant, but not how far along she is.

    Asher and Michaela. I don't like them. Together or alone. I just don't. I hate their characters. I would like to know what the deal is with her adoptive "family" though especially after she told her "mom" not to steal anything.

    Bonnie and Frank. Okay he killed your molesting dad, but you couldn't just pay him or buy him dinner?!?!?! That was an odd pairing almost like brother and sister.

    As for the fire it was probably just the HVAC guy working on the heating system! We know who it wasn't. Laurel, Michaela, Asher, Conner, Bonnie, Annalise and Oliver.


  2. I haven't watched this season of HTGAWM.

    I love Viola and Aka but Shonda is losing her magic touch.Mind you that she doesn't totally own the show but you can still tell when she got a hold on it.

    I've mentioned this pet peeve once but I'll mention it again..lately, my problem with Shondas pictures is how she'll jump right into the action at the beginning of her television series,she'll also overuse interracial love making ..or just lovemaking ..period seemingly, just to compensate for a decent story line and as you've mentioned, how some characters are overused and some like Aja King,are underused.

    I've read where Scandal may be on " life support" and will return in 2017 because of Kerry's new son. Hmmm...I'm so not buying that.When she was pregnant with her daughter, she was still on the show and it came on the same time. What makes Scandal so different right now is that 1) why 2017? most shows season premiere.. at the latest.. returns in October and 2) the 9:00 time schedule that Scandal had will be replaced by another show. That's not good ( Does Sleepy Hollow ring a bell?).

    From what I've learned,when that happens, your show is beginning to suck and it doesn't surprise me as low ratings have plagued Scandal for the last two seasons.If Shonda isn't careful,HTGAWM will be next.

    1. My guess on Scandal is Kerry was pregnant with her daughter and was still on the show, but she had the baby after the season ended. So she had time for the baby. This time her pregnancy was announced after the previous season ended. So while she could still film eventually they would have to figure out what to do once she had the baby and give her time off. It was timed perfectly when she had her daughter because the non-shooting season gave her that time. She wouldn't get that luxury with her son.

      I don't expect it to last long because really the "Grant presidency" (is that his name?) is ending and the show was based on the interaction between him and Liv.

      I agree TOO MANY shows use sex for content these days. The majority are based around it and when someone isn't screwing then there really isn't much to the show.

    2. Exactly. Take Connor, for example. The writers made a big deal about him being a slut, but when he's not having sex with someone...nothing. There's literally nothing else to him.

      Why are we three seasons in without having delved further into their families? Why hasn't one of them dropped out and gotten a job doing something else?

    3. Yep we know nothing. I've come to the conclusion that they are in their first year of college still because we haven't seen them on summer break or any other kind of break. Also are they in law school or seeking undergrad degrees? And if they are working towards becoming lawyers shouldn't they have internships in some law firm or something.

      Other questions: they have no jobs (from what we see), but all have apartments. Laurel comes from a rich family so it makes sense. Where is Michaela's money coming from if her adoptive family are broke hillbillies? Where does Wes's money come from? He's an orphan. Connor lived with Oliver and now Michaela. Where was he before that? Ashton is shacking up with Michaela.

      And the final question will the show end when they finally graduate?

  3. I am mostly pleased with Mikaela's development this season. Her relationship with Asher grew on me. However this show is just throwing people together who have no business fucking each other. Bonnie and Frank came out of nowhere. Wes and Laurel? Talk about zero chemistry. And yes Connor is so boring.

  4. Ok. Does everyone realize that pretty much everyone on this show has slept (or made out)with each other if you apply the six degrees of separation?

    Its like the writers can't figure out who to put together so they are throwing all these random pairings at us. Who are they going to throw together next? Bigfoot and Bonnie? E.T. and Connor?

  5. Whew... totally on a different page than everyone here. This is arguably my favorite season. I almost dumped the show last season because I was over watching the disaster that is Wes and Annalise's inexplicable coddling of this kid that continues to drag everyone down around him into hell. But this season Wes has changed a bit. He seemed to genuinely appreciate Annalise at least. I like that he tried to establish his own life outside of K5 over the break and started dating Meggy, who I like. That said, I also appreciated him letting her go when it became obvious he couldn't be with her and be honest while still interacting regularly with the Keating crew. Best not to drag her into his drama. I'm also aware that he realized he was still harboring feelings for Laurel. RUN MEGGY GIRL!

    What I like most is that the pacing is much better and the storyline is neater. Shonda shows have a tendency to get raggedy while trying to throw twists at the audience. I'm not sure where this is headed or who the killer is, though I can make a good case for Frank (irredeemable sociopath, Rebecca corpse reveal) and Conner (becoming unhinged, threatening Wes, longstanding contempt for AK and Wes, whiny bitchazz). But they seem to have planned this mystery very carefully and the execution, even with flash-forwards, has been handled with precision.

    I think Nate will remain in AKs life but not romantically, rather as friends. AK went the one place she shouldn't have with him. He is not damaged enough to be with her (too perfect) and on some level she would always resent him for that. I do find it interesting that the writers have cleared the decks romantically for AK after 2.5 seasons. My guess is that Soraya will be her true love. She's all that the others were not and she has her fair share of damage. They share some issues including addiction and the loss of children, so they may relate to one another on a deep level. She also doesn't fear AK and seems to know how to handle her. Plus... for me the sexual tension and chemistry is pretty high.

    I'm forward to the 2nd half of S3. They just need to NOT show her kissing Bonnie... EVER again.


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