New Page, New Rules (Updated)

So our page is back (https://blackjunction.com/theblackgirlsclub), but you may have noticed some changes.

For one, we're no longer on Facebook.  After finally getting everything up and running, we got unpublished again.

See, the near the demise of the first page, you may have noticed a lot of commentary from people who weren't Black women.  There were a lot of people upset about our pro-LGBTQ an pro-interracial posts, as well our lack of dambs for White tears.  Suffice to say, some folks weren't too happy with us.

And he wasn't the only one.

We still have our Twitter handle, however, the tweets are now set to private.

Let's be clear: we created this club to talk to Black women.  It's centered on Black women.  Our name is self-explanatory.  We didn't set up to get shut down/reported every time someone's upset that we asserted our sexuality, our beauty, our love and self-worth, while racist, misogynist, and anti-LGBTQ pages have free reign to be "dangerous" and "abusive."

Our goal is to become completely independent of Facebook someday, as it obviously doesn't have the best interests of women and POC at heart.


  1. Why not just set up your own website? You can get hosting for less than $20 a month, download Wordpress and be off and running. You don't have to use Facebook or any of these other places that will boot you offline when bigots cry foul.

  2. I was wondering what happened. The lack of information of culture on my page was definitely felt.

  3. Glad this was explained. I spent the last 2 days searching FB it just dawned on me to go to the web. I had no clue it was going down like this with people who don't agree what what we have to say. I wonder how many anti-black groups got shut down?!

  4. Aww man, I didn't realize that you were up again.I dont know how I got lost but Im glad that you're on again.

    Though I dont do Twitter, its still bad that Black women can't even discuss about their well being without some pouty person getting upset and reporting you for not erasing the cultural aspects of this blog.If they want to talk about themselves then they should find a blog totalk about themselves.Simple as that.


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