Black Girls' Night Out: Bonnie Bennett

And I was just beginning to like these two....
***Some Spoilers***

Okay, so TVD finally ended last night and...I'm not sure what to say here.

On the one hand, after all the death, blood, and overall self-indulgence, it ends on a positive note.  Everyone's storyline is resolved, and some actors returned for the big good-bye.  They even brought back Kai only to trap him in a new prison world from which there's (supposedly) no escape.

On the other hand...the writers killed Enzo, which served absolutely no purpose other than to break even my heart, and then they had the gall to make the Bennett witches save Mystic Falls...again.

I mean, they trotted out all the fallen witches from that bloodline, all the way back to Ayana herself, to help Bonnie save Mystic Falls...again.  After which we're shown Bonnie embracing life and heading out to see the world, starting with Africa (and no, they didn't bother to list which country).

Caroline is seen creating a school for superhuman kids and it's subtly implied that that's a whole other story.  But now that Kat Graham's got her freedom papers, she's not coming back to this hot mess of a 'verse where only the White girls were worthy of long, passionate relationships which lasted more than one season, and where the only Black girl (and her relatives) were routinely summoned like servants to clean someone else's mess.  Even death didn't release Bennetts from servitude!

After years of petitions, articles, and rants from fans, TVD's Powers That Be have listened to no one, learned nothing, and earned a final verdict of Absolutely Fucking Failed from me.  But then again...we kinda saw that one coming.

That being said, seeing all those Bennett witches together in one scene displaying some next-level Black Girl Magic makes me insist that we need a spin-off (and reboot) which squarely focuses on them, and this time is run by a Black woman and a team of (mostly) Black female writers.

I even recommend they call it "Benedictus"; it's the origin of the Bennett name.

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