Black Girls' Night Out: Taria & Garona (#Warcraft)

Critics did not like Warcraft (2016).

I mean, they were all able to admit the action and the CGI were great, but the story was lacking.  I don't know about y'all, but I wasn't expecting Shakespeare here.  It's World of Warcraft, for pygmy's sake.  Don't get me wrong; if someone decided to adapt Planescape: Torment into a movie and THIS was the best they could do, I'd be singing a completely different tune.

But back to the film at hand.  I finally caved and rented it and I must say...I am intrigued.  I want more.  But to be clear, there is one reason and one reason only why I'm #TeamWarcraft and rooting for a sequel: the casting.

Now, we've all noticed that with these big budget fantasy epics, people of color are often cast as servants, slaves, or scenery.  That's not the case here.  Yes, we have our requisite White dude heroes, but they're pretty easy to ignore when you have a Black queen (Taria) portrayed by Ruth Negga and Garona, the orcish warrior princess (at least in my book), portrayed by our own dear Paula Patton, who also happens to be the hero's love interest.

Ruth Negga
Paula Patton
Now...am I happy with the light, bright, damn near White choice in casting?  Not really.  But this does represent some progress, so...baby steps (for now).  Since she's portraying an orc, Patton spends the whole movie in green makeup, so I'm not really stressing over her, but after seeing Angel Coulby portray Guinevere for five years on Merlin, it would've been nice to have a dark chocolate queen.  Ashley Blaine Featherson would've been perfect.

I'm just sayin'.

In addition to Negga and Patton, main man Daniel Wu himself is the villain orc sorcerer Gul'dan.  We also get to see POC portray majestic-looking elves and regal members of the nobility. And to be fair, we do have some dark chocolate folks among the nobles.  Of course...they don't have a lot of screen time and they don't actually speak or anything....

Despite being the most financially successful game-to-movie adaption of all time (especially in China), a sequel still hasn't been confirmed.


  1. Need to watch it one day when I just want to veg and not think.

  2. Ashley is so pretty and though the other women on here are equally gorgeous. Its been a while since I heard about Paula.The only time you gear about her is when it involves Robin Thicke.

    Im hoping that Paula will become a case of rising from the dead.I would like to see her do more stuff

    1. I would say their divorce has done wonders for her. She's in all sorts of stuff now.

  3. Blasian sista on Into the Badlands-Chipo Chung aka The Master


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