Dear Netflix: Please Keep Misty Knight Away From Irish Fist

Simone Missick as Detective Misty Knight

I...I don't really know what else to add.

Like, after 2-3 attempts to make myself watch Irish Fist, all I can say is that I can't stomach the thought of Misty Knight going anywhere near all of that.  And while we're all sick to death of the tired and creepy White Savior/Asian woman trope, I gotta say...Colleen Wing? *fist bumps* Thanks for taking this one for the team,sis.

ETA: So a sista on one of my pages was concerned by this headline, since Danny Rand and Misty Knight are married in the comics. And after all the white-washing and lackluster writing and all-round fuckery sistas experience with mainstream media, her concern was understandable. That being said, keeping Misty miles away from Mr. Irish Fist is a revision I can happily cosign.  Cuz we didn't get Danny Rand this time around.  We got Danny Bland.  And Danny Bland not only fucked up his own show, but just kicked the whole entire Marvel-Netflix alliance in the balls.

So sistas, what we not finna do here is be so thirsty for mainstream representation that we will allow a perfectly fabulous Black female character to be summoned to the rescue.  That is not a compliment.  I can already see it now; Misty Knight is like the Michelle Obama of Marvel, and they will not hesitate to use her to come clean up this mess and salvage what's left of Iron First's viability.  No, ma'am.

When nerds of color everywhere were actively campaigning for an Asian American Iron First (which would've made a lot more sense seeing as we live in the 21st Century and all), the Marvel-Netflix alliance showed their whole ass by casually ignoring us.  They instead proceeded to present us with yet another White Savior flop in a long string of White Savior flops.  And just like with Sleepy Hollow, the one (potential) saving grace of Iron Fist is a Black woman, and we're expected to be grateful and excited that she's slated to be the central love interest on a unanimously panned shit show.  No, ma'am.

This is not November 9th, 2016, and we will not pretend like we didn't try to tell y'all.  Eurocentricism once again created a flop, so the Eurocentrists at Marvel and Netflix need to just take this L.

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  1. I'm so glad I found you guys again! I miss your Facebook page so much.


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