Hey Yo America, How About We #BringBackOURGirls?

Remember back in 2014 when the world was clownin' Nigeria because 300 girls were abducted, and the whole country spent years NOT able to get them back?

Meanwhile, in these disunited states of ours, the number of missing Black girls and women is somewhere to the tune of 64,000...at last count.  We're telling other countries to "bring back our girls", but ain't shit being done for our other girls who were chillin' right here a minute ago.  I mean, America likes to act as though we don't have the problems those other countries have, but we do.  We really do.

Did you even know?
According to the FBI, African American girls under the age of 18 represent 61% of the girls arrested for juvenile prostitution - nationwide. African American girls represent more than 40% of all girls trafficked in the United States, according to data provided by Characteristics of Suspected Human Trafficked Incidents. However, African Americans as a race only represent 14% of the total United States population. These numbers do not represent the many girls arrested for sex trafficking related offenses, which includes the school to prison pipeline (truancy, allegations of disrupting the public schools, fighting and battery, runaways, theft, burglary, and gang related activities). (Source)
It's time to revive the campaign and this time, let's focus on what's going on right here in our own backyard, shall we?


Black and Missing, But Not Forgotten
Institute of the Black World


  1. Never happen until they go after the men (AND women) trafficking these girls. AND also the men having sex with them. The girls are punished, but the johns and pimps get away to do it someplace else. Plus people refuse to believe it happens in their neighborhoods.

  2. Unfortunately, if it wasn't for social media, I would have found out anything about the girls/young women. It's sad that it has become a more reliable source for news than primetime. As a matter of fact, it has been said that over 60 percent of viewers rely on it too. I don't think that primetime media has gotten the message.

    Even if news was like it was in the past, I will never believe that Black girls and other G/WOC's will never be top priority for media. By one Chicago reporter's admission, the reason why they aren't top priority was that they felt that White girls/women would be more "interesting" and " relatable" and even moreso, if they were attractive it was a plus. I should be pissed at him but you can't get mad at the truth. It sure seems that way.There have been tons of news from around the world..and even in the U.S. that should have been on the news but has yet to make it one there.

    Along with the missing girls in D.C. and nationwide I haven't heard anything about BringBackOurGirls and during these times , I don't think we will for a very long time. I admit, when the BBOG campaign came out I was afraid that it would be a farce.. afraid that people were only doing it for " fun " to be seen as heroic or being trendy. You haven't heard anything about it for almost a year

  3. If WE aren't reporting it then why do you think White media will do it? You hear nothing from black radio shows or other black media outlets. And that is why Black women/girls go missing. Its a known fact no one will look for them outside their families IF then.

    A girl in Chicago was kidnapped and gang raped live on Facebook, but no one said crap about it! People sat and watch these sick bastards violate this kid and did nothing. I found the story while surfing the internet after scrolling down news feed.

  4. Even if Black media did it, White media isn't going to do regardless of whether Black presents/not present coverage. When it comes to Black girls/w/GOC girls women, they are not going to be fair in their coverage. There was also a meeting they had in Washington DC about this situation. Even caring people are shunned from the camera's. Only White folks get that kind of coverage.I thought about how Tamron Hall discussed why she came up with her crime show. Not only because of her sisters murder but the lack coverage done with missing Black/W-GOC girls and women.

    It's no surprise that the girl on the FB page story wasn't covered. As serious ( and sick) as that crime is, she's not White yet they are still talking about that teacher with the girl from TN. Though the situation is also serious, WOC/GOCs will always have to take a backseat to the White society.

    1. "Even if Black media did it, White media isn't going to do regardless of whether Black presents/not present coverage"

      And there is the problem: IF Black media provides coverage or not. I learned a long time ago White people (or anyone else) gives two flips about black women/girls. They are NEVER going to cover our disappearances like they do white women. EVER. It still doesn't answer the question as to why WE are not doing it!


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