Black Girls' Night Out: Keating, Pratt, & Price (#HTGAWM)

Viola Davis as "Annalise Keating"
**Some Spoilers**

Last season, HTGAWM killed off Wait List Wes Gibbins because the writers felt his story had come to a natural conclusion.  After watching the first few episodes of Season 4, I tend to agree. Although I do love me some Alfred Enoch, Wes and his tragic taste in women have not been missed.

Now I'm starting to feel we've reached the natural conclusion of some other people's stories.  Connor, for example.  I have spent three seasons believing Oliver deserves better, and since Asian-American men in main roles are few and far between, the White boy should get the cut.

I love, love, love the Asher/Michaela relationship simply because 1) Matt McGorry is easy on the eyes, and 2) he plays Asher as a man who is blindingly in love with a women he knows is out of his league.  So I'm rooting for him.  That being said, the writers really need to step things up with his character, because when he's not with Michaela, he's boring as fuck.

As much as I like Karla Souza and want to like Laurel Castillo...I'm ready for her to go.  Where Laurel is concerned, I feel like we're falling into a familiar Shondaland snare: we have a show about a Black shero and yet somehow, we're awfully obsessed with the life and well-being of the fragile, pregnant, White damsel-in-distress.  Yes, I know she's a Latina, but she's so White we sometimes have to be reminded that she is a Latina.

Say it with me, kids: there is no shortage of White women in Hollywood.  Once more for the people in the back: there is no shortage of White women in Hollywood.  They're not on an endangered species list.  They're still very much the "standard" of beauty and femininity, and if push comes to shove, we all know Hollywood will not hesitate to throw women of color under the bus for their sake.

Aja Naomi King as "Michaela Pratt"
So when we finally have a show with women of color in the lead, it's not the end of the world to make sure our focus stays on them.  Women of color in Hollywood are basically the Other 1%...without the wealth, the power, and the privilege.

We now have Soraya Hargrove (Lauren Velez, who's fifty-friggin'-two, by the way) on the show.  Since she's a fuller-figured, darker-skinned Latina, I feel she's a much more necessary example of representation.  Also...of all the families of the Keating 5 that we met, Michaela and Wes had the most interesting relatives.  But Wes, his father, and his mother are all dead.  Michaela, however, was adopted by White folks living in trailer in a swamp and that is just TV gold.  I would love to see more of her backwater kinfolk showing up at her apartment with family drama.  But instead, we're focusing on Laurel's family, and neither she, her dad, nor her missing baby are enough to hold my interest.

Frank needs to go.  Frank needed to go half a season ago.

And Bonnie is simply getting on my last nerve.  This last episode, in which she sabotaged an essential class suit Annalise was mounting, was the final straw for me.  The fact that a young White woman would throw the welfare of dozens of wrongfully tried and convicted POC out the window just to get back at someone (in this case Annalise), is quintessential Beckian behavior.  These people did not get adequate defense during their trials; in fact, in the episode before last, Annalise proved one man was wrongfully convicted of murder altogether.  Yet Bonnie does not give a fuck.  Ruining their lives even further is perfectly acceptable collateral damage when she's trying to hurt Annalise.

This is really disappointing, because I was rooting for Bonnie.  Out of all the people on the show, I always felt she and Annalise were truly ride-or-die, always in each other's admittedly dysfunctional corners.  She wasn't boring, and we've watched her grow as a lawyer.  Also, she's always the first to remind Annalise to stop putting her own ass on the line for these students who can't seem to stay out of trouble.  Not to mention, as a rape survivor who was royally screwed by the justice system, to see Bonnie fucking with it in this particular manner had me going, "What???"

Amirah Vann as "Tegan Price"
Thankfully, newcomer Tegan Price is going to be a recurring character this season.  I really dig her because for me, Tegan is the Other Annalise.

And by that, I mean she represents the road not taken.  In this last episode, we caught of a glimpse of Annalise back when she worked for a big firm and was just about to make partner.  The money, the power, the influence was in her grasp.  Of course, the price of such privilege was way too high.

Tegan represents what Annalise would've been if she'd played by the rules and strictly focused on the money.  She's a genius, having passed the bar at 22.  She's now a rich, powerful partner at Caplan & Gold and Michaela's new mentor (Annalise calls her Michaela's latest surrogate Mommy).

It's also pretty cool that actress Amirah Vann herself is Afro-Latina.

Michaela once said she wanted to be Annalise.  I commend that seeing that Annalise is a true survivor and brilliant legal tactician.

But in terms of functionality and success, I hope Michaela emulates Tegan.  They're more alike in goals and personality, and I really want Michaela to come out of all the murder and mayhem winning.  Of course...I want to see them all come out of this winning.


  1. I have to disagree. I think Tegan Price is better than Annalise. I love the character.

    I was happy to see Wes go and now ready for Lauren to leave also. She is like a mosquito buzzing in your ear.

    I honestly think a lot of dead weight could be cut from the show. Lauren, Connor, Bonnie, Frank, that annoying student from Annalise's class that works with Michaela. I am not really feeling Soraya's character either. They could have made Jimmy Smits's character her ex-husband. That could have been an interesting story line.

    1. that annoying student from Annalise's class that works with Michaela

      OMG...why is he still there? *shudders* I hope he's not about to become a part of the main cast. I hate it when Shondaland characters overstay their welcome, because the bullshit doesn't just last a few episodes. It goes on for seasons.

  2. I have a feeling he may (I hope) end up as the next casualty!


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