Black Girls' Night Out: Michael Burnham (#STDISC)

*Some Spoilers*

I'm trying to like this show, I really am...but the only way I see that happening is if I stop thinking of it as a Star Trek show.  I recently went on a Deep Space Nine and Voyager kick and watching those episodes confirmed what I felt before: Star Trek: Discovery doesn't feel like "Star Trek".  I remain convinced that once Bryan Fuller was removed, it kept the Star  Trek brand because CBS needed a way to get Americans to pay for their substandard streaming (with the exception of Canada, everyone else is watching this on Netflix...where it belongs).

On its own, Discovery is a decent science fiction show.  We've got a Black shero who was orphaned young and raised by an alien species.  She's blamed for triggering a war humans really don't want with a yet another alien species, and when her prison transport is hijacked, she finds herself in the clutches of a really weird and shady captain who won't really tell her anything about his "mission."

Our shero is named Michael Burnham after her father, and though I personally don't like it, critics have some interesting theories about her name, especially since her new captain's name is Gabriel Lorca.  Michael comports herself calmly; she possesses a brilliant analytical mind and strong sense of duty.  Though having been sentenced to life imprisonment on the charges of mutiny and treason, she's obviously an honorable person.  Sonequa Martin-Green is clearly enjoying this role and brings a very classy quality to the character.

She's essentially respectability on steroids.

Since SyFy wrongfully canceled Dark Matter, and since we do have a Black female protagonist in a futuristic setting, I'll stick this one out, and I promise to try to see the positive in it.


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